Thursday, February 3, 2011

Björk and Matthew Barney Attend "Nixon in China" Premiere

Björk: more Cio-Cio San than Jiang Qing
In attendance last night at the Metropolitan Opera season premiere of Nixon in China were none other than pop superstar Björk and longtime-boyfriend Matthew Barney. Not surprising these two would be in the audience, as the Icelandic songstress is no stranger to controversy in China and the American artist has brushed the topic of opera with his Cremaster series as well as the Asian influence of his film Drawing Restraint 9. It's also easy to see this couple having a lot in common with an avant-garde group like director Peter Sellars, choreographer Mark Morris and composer John Adams. More Matthew Barney characters after the jump.

Scenes from Drawing Restraint 9 by Matthew Barney:

Scenes from Cremaster 5 by Matthew Barney:


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