Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christopher Maltman Bares All In Don Juan Film

Posted today on Barihunks and Parterre, the trailer for Kasper Holten's film version of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni has hit the internet and it has plenty of the lead man. The Danish film is sung in English and is simply called Juan. and has a 90-minute run time. The cast includes Christopher Maltman, Mikhail Petrenko, Maria Bengtsson, Elizabeth Futral, Katija Dragojevic, Audun Iversen and Peter Lohdahl. There is even a cameo by Plácido Domingo. The synopsis, according to the IMDB: "The successful artist and playboy Juan is a notorious seducer of women, through his ability to be just what a woman dreams of: Charming, charismatic, strong, sensitive, sexual. Driven by a restless urge to conquer new women, use them, and throw them away, he has hired his friend Leporello to help create a masterpiece: A filmed database of all the women whose dreams Juan has shattered. We follow Juan and Leporello through 24 compressed hours. Juan seduces the young upper-class girl Anna, but ends up accidentally killing her father, a powerful police commissioner. The two friends run away, but Juan's constant need to seduce new women keeps interrupting their flight.
As the police gains in on them, Juan also steals the young bride Zerlina from her groom Masetto, and soon a feverish manhunt is on for Juan." What makes the film unique, besides the nudity, is the singers are recorded live eliminating the lip-synching that gives many opera-to-celluloid ventures a faux reality. The film was released January 9, 2010. Trailer after the jump. [Source, Source]

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