Saturday, February 26, 2011

Soprano Finds Herself Victim of Racism in Vienna

The soprano with Plácido Domingo
"The rising Southern California-bred soprano Angel Blue is having a smashing Vienna debut — except for an ugly encounter with a racist cab driver outside a Starbucks in the Austrian capital. Blue, who has sung several roles for Los Angeles Opera, where she trained in its Domingo-Thornton Young Artist program, was on break from rehearsals for Benjamin Britten's The Rape of Lucretia and needed a ride back to the venerable Theater an der Wien opera house. She hopped in a white Mercedes cab, according to the Viennese weekly magazine News, only to hear the driver snarl, 'I don't drive black women. Get out!''I did so and started to cry,' she told the publication, recalling the Nov. 10 incident. 'All I wanted in that moment was to get away from here.'" The news broke Wednesday under the headline, 'Scandal in Vienna: Taxi Driver Refuses to Transport Dark-Skinned Opera Singer.' The paper said she is 27. By then, says Blue's Beverly Hills attorney, Don Franzen, she had settled into her role, opening Feb. 17 and ending Tuesday, and has received a warm reception from the Viennese." [Source]

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  1. Greetings,
    I have been a strong advocate against race and color discrimination in the arts. A few years ago, I e-mailed many people concerning racism at the New York Metropolitan Opera. I stated that comments such as "Black, very Black and bugged-eyed and others" where written about African American singers during their Met auditions. I have also asked the question of why there are not more female orchestra conductors hired. The Federal Hearing concerning this case is now available on Youtube under "Metropolitan Opera Racism Federal Hearing."
    The Book hard back book "Exposing Racism and Sexism in the American Arts" is now available for $21.99 plus shipping by e-mail to me at The retail price is $45.00. You can also purchase this book from for $27.99 plus shipping.
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    Thanks for your Time !!!!!
    Tony Jenkins
    All classical artists, particularly African-American artists, have a right to know about this MET OPERA RACISM HEARING because it goes directly to the integrity of the arts that they are sacrificing their lives. This is the only evidence that the reject reasons can often be racially motivated. This is often the case with African-American males, particularly tenors.