Monday, August 15, 2011

House of Basler Dresses Anna Netrebko in Couture Gowns

The opera star with Basler's Brian Rennie
at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
"The world-famous soprano Anna Netrebko is the new brand ambassador for Basler. The elaborate couture dresses that Anna Netrebko will be wearing at her concerts will be designed exclusively for her by our Creative Director, Brian Rennie. 'Anna has truly inspired me to create dream dresses in heavy silk satin, in yellow or midnight blue or with fine hand embroidery', says Brian Rennie. The premiere of our collaboration was on Friday, 29 July 2011, at the Royal Palace in Munich. This concert marked the launch of three open-air concerts that Anna Netrebko will give together with her life partner and bass-baritone Erwin Schrott, as well as the renowned tenor Jonas Kaufmann. The other locations will be at Vienna’s Stadthalle on 06 August and at Berlin’s Waldbühne on 16 August. The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra will accompany these three exceptional artists. The program is a diverse potpourri of classical masterpieces, which alternate between arias, duets and trios. The collaboration between Anna Netrebko and Brian Rennie is not unexpected. Both have known and appreciated each other for years. Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott were guest stars at Brian Rennie's first show for the Basler Fashion Week in Berlin in early July. 'Anna Netrebko has charisma, glamour. She is on the one side, the greatest soprano of our time and an amazing artist, and on the other, a modern sexy woman and mother', explains Brian Rennie. Anna Netrebko is also the ideal brand ambassador for Basler, as she combines modernity and coolness in a perfect symbiosis. The Basler brand has successively been emotionalised and consequently modernised since the arrival of Brian Rennie. 'My goal is this, that fashion from Basler is perceived and purchased by a wide audience regardless of age, nationality or clothing size.'" [Source]

Track updates on the relationship between the opera singer and dress designer by visiting their facebook page here. See more photos of Anna Netrebko wearing Basler creations after the jump.


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