Saturday, August 6, 2011

Google Includes "Operetta" Episode in 100th Celebration

One piece of jewelry can turn
a funny lady into a serious diva.
"Lucille Ball may have been born 100 years ago today, but her jokes are timeless. Having grown up with the comedic genius of I Love Lucy, it’s hard to believe that Lucy, Desi, Fred, and Ethel wrapped up the initial series in 1957. Lucy’s creativity, absurdity, and ever-changing facial expressions (especially when she was scarfing down candy, stomping on grapes or touting a new energy drink) have brought joy and laughter to generations of viewers. We’re incredibly happy to celebrate her birthday with a doodle to highlight her brilliant career as an actress and businesswoman. Through the old-timey TV live on the homepage all day on August 6th, you can flip the six channels for a special Lucy broadcast. Happy birthday, Lucy — we still love you!" [Source]

To celebrate, Google has created a doodle on their homepage that is actually a television set which the user can turn the knob to watch different clips of the funniest moments from the show's history. One of the clips featured is from episode #38 titled The Operetta that originally aired on October 13, 1952. What can only be described as Carmen meets Il Trovatore meets The Mikado (even Wagner's "Wedding March" from Lohengrin has a cameo...), a hilarious plot ensues and Ethel (Vivian Vance) gets to show off some of her singing chops.

Plot: The Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League wants to stage an operetta to celebrate the club's 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, club treasurer Lucy Ricardo has pilfered some of the club funds -- so she writes an original operetta for them to perform. Lucy and Ethel decide to write an operetta, and Lucy pays for the costumes and scenery with a post-dated check. Meanwhile, Ethel and Ricky convince the chorus to enter whenever Lucy, playing "Camille- Queen of the Gypsies", starts to sing. The performance includes such ditties as: "We're the Pleasant Peasant Girls;" "Lily of the Valley;" I Am the Good Prince Lancelot;" "Queen of the Gyosies" and "We Are the Troops of the King." [Source]

Watch the full episode by clicking here. Check out a complete biography of Lucille Ball here.

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