Friday, August 19, 2011

Gethin Jones Helps Design Wedding Ring For Katherine Jenkins

"Gethin Jones helped design Katherine Jenkins' engagement ring. The 33-year-old presenter proposed to the stunning opera singer earlier this year and admits he put a lot of time and effort into what ring to give her. He told BANG Showbiz: 'I don't think people give me enough credit for the ring, I don't think men in general get enough credit for what they go through with the ring.' I helped design it with a really good friend of mine and I'm not creative at all but it was really important to get it right. I looked into Welsh gold, but ultimately it was all about the right stone and once we found that we made the band around it. I like to think that she appreciated that.' Although the couple - who have been dating for over three years - have yet to set a wedding date, they want it to take place in their native Wales. However, Gethin insists Katherine won't be singing at the ceremony. Speaking at the world premiere of 'The Inbetweeners' movie on Tuesday night (16.08.11), he said: 'The wedding is still next year - we haven't set a date, it still feels quite fresh getting engaged as it only happened at the start of the year. We knew we were going into a busy period with work so it's certainly one thing we don't want to rush. Hopefully the wedding will be in Wales - we're from half an hour away from each other back home so we're really keen to make it a big family affair. Do people honestly think that she'll sing at her own wedding. I will be!'" [Source]

You may remember Gethin Jones being featured previously on Opera Fresh in slightly less attire.

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