Monday, August 15, 2011

Anthony McCain Gets $240,000 For Oberlin, But Needs More

"The 19-year-old man with a golden voice is still trying to scrape up enough money to get to opera school in Ohio and plans to hold a few more bake sales to meet his goal. Anthony McCain was accepted to the prestigious Oberlin Conservatory of Music and granted a scholarship worth $240,000 to cover the $60,000-per-year it costs to attend the school. The only problem is that McCain doesn't have the money to fly to Ohio. 'Right now the plane tickets are $300 for just one way, so we're trying to fundraise to get out there,' McCain said during his bake sale on Friday. McCain and his siblings set up a small table of homemade baked goods outside the Safeway at Garland and Market Friday and raised about $120 towards his goal. On Thursday he raised $60. McCain and his family set up a fund for him at Sterling Savings called 'Anthony's Opera' hoping that would help him get to school by the time orientation starts on August 30th." [Source]

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