Thursday, June 19, 2014

Soprano Claire Rutter Does House Chores And Likes Country Music

Western Girl: Rutter will sing the role of Minnie in
La Fanciulla del West with the Minnesota Opera
next month. Details here.
"For one of the world’s most in-demand opera stars, the image conjured up for me was, well, less than glamorous. The truth is, admitted Winchester’s Claire Rutter, I really enjoy finding the time to do the ironing while listening to country rock music. I pointed out this was hardly the diva-ish image fans might expect of the star who is currently wowing audiences as Violetta in La Traviata being staged at Hampshire’s Park Grange Opera. 'Having children certainly helps to keep you grounded. If we start singing around the house they tell us to shut up quite quickly,' confessed Claire, as we spoke prior to her appearance in a special concert this weekend to help raise funds for St John the Baptist Church in Alresford. And how does she relax when not doing the ironing? What music does an international opera star listen to when off duty? 'Certainly not opera. It’s like any job really. When you sing opera all the time it’s the last thing you want to listen to. In fact, the only time I will listen to opera is when I’m learning a piece or someone has sent me something for an opinion. Otherwise I enjoy country rock and jazz.' At that our telephone interview came to an end. The builders had arrived and a delivery of gravel was threatening to block the family’s drive. A diva’s life indeed." [Source]

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