Thursday, June 12, 2014

Marilyn Horne Chats With Vatican Radio In Italy For Master Classes

La Dolce Vita: Marilyn Horne ponders the knowledge she has acquired as a singer
and tries to pass it on to the future of young artists through master classes.
"Since retiring from the operatic stage, Ms Horne has dedicated herself to teaching promising singers of the future. Just over twenty years ago she launched the Marilyn Horne Foundation which provides opportunities for young singers to give recitals. The renowned Mezzo Soprano was recently in Rome to give a series of Masterclasses at the American University of Rome. The classes were part of the University’s inaugural Summer Vocal Institute and saw singers come from all over the world to take part. But for Marilyn Horne, how does being a teacher differ from performing as an opera singer? She told Vatican Radio’s Lydia O’Kane, 'first of all I have to try to remember all the things I have learned as a singer, so it’s really very much giving giving giving and pulling pulling pulling!' Looking back at her extraordinary singing career she says, 'it was my life, I knew practically nothing else except singing since the time I could talk, so it’s my soul, my life, my everything, tied to the music of course, not just singing but the great great music that I’ve had the pleasure to perform.' Ms Horne also says that she feels blessed to have had the career she has had. 'As we say I’ve had a great go and I feel that I’ve been very privilege to have the kind of life that I did.'" [Source] Listen to the full interview by clicking here. For more about the American University of Rome, click here.

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