Sunday, June 1, 2014

Christa Ludwig Reveals A Lifetime Of Learning In Candid Interview

An early portrait of the mezzo-soprano.
The Berliner-Morgenpost sits down with mezzo-soprano Christa Ludwig to discuss a wide range of topics at her home in Klosterneuburg. In the interview she reveals her feelings about disliking the word "Masterclass"; Maria Callas and Anja Silja possessing voices non-beautiful voices; singers today knowing about sex, but not eroticism; why she wasn't hired more in Berlin by Fricsay; how Birgit Nilsson had vocal cords that could withstand anything; recording Fidelio over 14 days; doing a recital with steroid-induced pianist Tzimon Barto; and how she thinks her life today is quite boring. Read the whole interview here.

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