Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dmitri Hvorostovsky Interviewed For Closing Of Istanbul Opera Festival

The Russian baritone is a rock star in the world of opera.
Daily Sabah: How were you first introduced to and became involved with opera?
Dmitri Hvorostovsky: I grew up in a family that always appreciated classic music. My father is a chemical engineer who has studied piano since he was a child and has continued to play piano till now. When he was in his 20s he began taking singing lessons. My mother has a very beautiful natural high soprano. I've listen to classical and opera music literally since I was born. After studying at music school as a pianist, I moved on and rebelled as a rock singer in my teens, but always had a special love and appreciation for opera. Soon I realized that my voice is way too rich and bright for rock and pop, and my father suggested I should go and study at choral music college, where I went and quickly developed an enormous passion for opera singing. At college I studied piano, conducting, choral singing and took singing lessons three to four times a week with Galina Astanina. After three years I auditioned for Ekaterina Yoffel's class at the Krasnoyarsk Academy of Arts. After studying for five years I graduated as an opera and chamber music singer. In the second year, I became the youngest soloist at the Krasnoyarsk State Opera Theater.

Read the full interview here.

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