Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hei-Kyung Hong Wins $300,000 Ho-Am Prize From Samsung Group

The soprano in the MET Opera gallery.
"Samsung Group yesterday honored the five winners of the annual Ho-Am Prize, who were announced last month. Lee Sang-yup, a professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Kaist), operatic soprano Hong Hei-kyung and three others received the prestigious award along with 300 million won ($294,319) each at the Ho-Am Art Hall in central Seoul. The other winners are Nam Hong-gil, a professor at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology in Daegu, Seung K. Kim, a professor at Stanford University, and the Rev. Kim Ha-jong. 'The brilliant achievements of the recipients are proud assets for Korea and these people are models to emulate in our era,' said Kwun Sook-il, head of the National Academy of Sciences, during a congratulatory speech at the award ceremony yesterday. 'The winners of Ho-Am awards are the hope and future for our society.' About 550 leaders of Korean politics, business, academia, media, culture and sports, as well as foreign emissaries based in Korea, were in attendance, according to the Ho-Am Foundation. The Ho-Am Prize is given to Korean citizens who make the biggest contributions each year in science, engineering, medicine, the arts and philanthropy. The foundation said the winners are chosen through a four-month review process with seven expert panels screening candidates in each area." [Source]

According to the Ho-Am website: "Prima Donna Hei-Kyung Hong, recipient of the Prize in The Arts, is a renowned operatic lyric soprano. Since her Metropolitan Opera debut in 1984, she has captivated audiences in Europe and the U.S. with her enchanting voice, extensive repertoire, and performances with world leading opera companies, symphony orchestras, musicians and conductors. In the process she has further elevated the credence of Korean vocalists on the international stage." In addition to the cash, recipients also are presented with a Diploma and pure gold (187.5g) medal. [Source]

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