Saturday, March 26, 2011

James Valenti and Laura Claycomb Are Dallas Opera Stars

"Laura Claycomb (Gilda) is a highly acclaimed soprano long overdue on the Dallas stage. An operatic moment that Rigoletto fans look forward to is Gilda’s coloratura trills send high notes flying to Mount Everest heights without the arduous climb. The love song 'Caro Nome (Sweet name)' shows off Claycomb's amazing lyrical vocal abilities with pure high notes effortlessly placed with a light airiness.

 Tenor James Valenti (the Duke of Mantua) is not only a rising international opera star, he is also has striking leading man looks. His Duke of Mantua is a believable scoundrel as exemplified in the famous song 'La donna é mobile.'" [Source]

Photos: Michael L. Haynes

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