Sunday, March 13, 2011

Angela Gheorghiu Pre-Cancellation Interview In Daily Express

Brigit Grant, of the Daily Express (U.K.), scored a major interview with soprano Angela Gheorghiu days before she canceled her entire run of performances for Roméo et Juliette at the Metropolitan Opera. Throughout the interview it is clear this is a determined woman who knows what she wants and does not want foolish people in her path. Topics during the conversation include her dealings with Michael Jackson (“I cannot have a conversation with someone who knows nothing about opera"), an ongoing friendship with Sting and his wife Trudi (they "remain very close"), directors who attempt to work on productions of operas in languages they don't speak (“You wouldn’t dream of doing Shakespeare if you can’t speak English"), her tumultuous relationship with Roberto Alagna ("I needed a change and
With Sting in Little Petra, 2008
wanted to perform with other tenors. I always follow my instinct.”), her thoughts about reputation in the opera world (“They say I am difficult but who are they? Who is with me on stage when I perform? The answer is no one.") and adopting her niece after her sister's death (“Like my sister, Ioana has a wonderful voice but I don’t want to force her to sing. It must be her decision..."). [Source]

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