Friday, March 4, 2011

Anna Netrebko Steals the Spotlight From Italian Bombshell

Despite the 78-year old Austrian tycoon Richard Lugner paying Moroccan-born belly dancer Karima El-Mahroug (aka "Ruby The Heart Stealer" and "Bunga-Bunga* Girl") €40,000 to be his date for the Vienna Opera Ball last night, it was the presence of Anna Netrekbo and Erwin Schrott that really rocked the house. Ruby claimed she could belly-dance but not waltz. The operatic duo had no problems taking to the dance floor and showing their moves. Elīna Garanča sang an aria from Samson et Dalila (Saint-Saëns) and "Wien, Wien, nur du allein" (Sieczynski). Also in attendance at the ball were Bob Geldof and Larry Hagman. [Photos by Zach-Kiesling] [Source]

*Bunga-Bunga is an expression Berlusconi reputedly took from Gadaffi. Gadaffi apparently uses the expression to refer to his harem. The term ‘bunga bunga’ can mean an erotic dance or violent punishment involving rape. Berlusconi has reportedly used the term to describe the parties he holds, parties which, it is said, involve lots of young ladies. [Source]

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