Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sondra Radvanovsky Triumphs at Metropolitan Opera

Radvanovsky singing "Vissi d'Arte"
"For her part, Ms. Radvanovsky rose to the challenge of her first Met Tosca. As ever, her sound was idiosyncratic and personal, and her characterization was more kittenish than fiery and jealous during a first act that lumbered and flailed at times. But in Act II Ms. Radvanovsky found credible ways to carry out Mr. Bondy’s unorthodox notions while remaining true to character. Her 'Vissi d’Arte,' passionate and finely controlled, was a showstopper. Here and in the final act Ms. Radvanovsky was at her inspiring
best, and you sensed that hers was an interpretation that could yield still greater thrills as the run settles." [The New York Times]

(Photo: Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera)
"...her 'Vissi d'arte' was outright gorgeous, poignant and silvery." [Washington Post]

"In Act 2, she hit her stride, riding the orchestral crest with some shimmering high C's during her confrontation with Baron Scarpia. Even better, she shaped her aria, 'Vissi d'arte' ('I lived for art'), with exquisite control of phrasing and dynamics." [ABC News]

(Photo: Richard Drew/AP) 
"The highpoint of her performance, as perhaps it should be for any Tosca, was her heartfelt, expressively phrased and generously sung account of Vissi d’arte, which won a prolonged ovation." [Classical Review]

"The throbbing, relentlessly lachrymose and sonically gifted soprano of Sondra Radvanovsky enters a new dimension. She probably vaporized many in-house recordings and shattered hidden microphones tonight, with the sheer gigabigness of her top notes and that characteristic, mechanical vibrato." [Sieglinde's Diaries]

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