Friday, January 21, 2011

Diane Paulus Thinks Mother Knows Best

(Photo: Tara Walton/Toronto Star) 
"It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about her Tony Award-winning revival of Hair (now touring North America), her ground-breaking work as the new head of the American Repertory Theatre at Harvard or her innovative production of The Magic Flute that opens for the Canadian Opera Company on Jan. 29, she is truly the woman of the moment when it comes to putting musical magic on stage. 'I grew up with a beautiful gold harp sitting in our living room. My older sister played it. She still does, in fact, for opera companies around the world...Mother was a huge opera fan. I still recall the fateful day when my mother said to me, ‘Opera is the ultimate art form. It has singing and music and drama and dance and emotion and story.’ As a child that had a huge impression on me.'" [Source]

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