Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Not Pavarotti or Domingo, The Other One" Is Salinger Favorite

Even if Jerry Seinfeld couldn't remember the third tenor, a certain American author did:
"JD Salinger was the archetypal literary hermit, protecting his privacy with guard dogs and high walls around his home. Yet an extraordinary new letter archive suggests he was a soft touch, spending his time gardening, admiring opera stars 'The Three Tenors' and, most bizarrely of all, marvelling at the meteoric rise of British tennis player Tim Henman in the 1990s. For a writer who penned one of the most critically-adored works in history, Salinger's preoccupations are strikingly ordinary, if eccentric. His favourite of 'The Three Tenors' was José Carreras." [Source]

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