Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prince of Persia Takes His Own Life

The prince at age 12
Sad news to report. Ali Reza Pahlavi has committed suicide

Ali Reza Pahlavi (April 28, 1966 – January 4, 2011), was the younger son of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his third wife, Empress Farah Diba and an Iranian prince of the Pahlavi Imperial Family.

After attending primary school in Iran, he moved to the U.S. where he received a Bachelor's degree from Princeton University, a Masters of Arts degree from Columbia University and was studying at Harvard University as a Ph.D. student in ancient Iranian studies and philology (at the time of his death). 

A 1987 photo of the prince
Close confidantes and acquaintances describe Ali Reza Pahlavi as "gracious" and "unassuming," with a militaristic discipline reflective of his royal upbringing. He was engaged in 2001 to Sarah Tabatabai, but it seems that the relationship ended some time afterwards. He was once voted as one of the "world's most eligible princes."  

A recent photo of Ali-Reza Pahlavi
On January 4, 2011, news outlets reported that Ali-Reza Pahlavi had died by apparent suicide in his Boston apartment, and found at his home after reports of a gun shot. The Washington Post reported that there has been outpouring of public mourning by Iranian emigres following Pahlavi's death.

Born: April 28 1966
Place of Birth: Tehran
Primary School: 1970 — 1974 Lycée Razi, Tehran
Primary School: 1974 — 1979 Niavaran Palace School, Tehran
Secondary School: 1979 — 1980 St. David’s School New York City
High School: 1980 — 1981 American College Cairo, Egypt
High School: 1981—1984 Mt. Greylock Regional High School, Williamstown Massachusetts
Under Graduate: 1984 — 1988 Princeton University B.A. (Music/Ethnomusicology)
Graduate School: 1988—1992, Columbia University M.A. (Ancient Iranian Studies)
Post Graduate: Harvard University (ancient Iranian Studies! Philology)
Hobbies: Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, Reading, Flying.

Farah Pahlavi (Shahbanu of Iran) and Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (Shah of Iran)

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