Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where in the Opera Would Purcell Place the Product Exactly?

"Wellaflex Silvikrin, the UK’s No1 Hairspray has been trusted by generations of British women for over 50 years to offer reliable and flexible 24hr hold at a smart price, helping to give women the confidence to know they are set and ready for the day, prepared for wherever their social calendar takes them. To celebrate its Heritage, Wellaflex Silvikrin is now the proud official sponsor of English Touring Opera’s production of Purcell’s The Fairy Queen and we are offering you two tickets to attend the Opera at Exeter Northcott Theatre on November 17, 2011. What’s more, you will also win a year’s supply of Wellaflex Silvikrin Hairspray! A classic, but refreshed, hairstyle will give you the finishing touches to your look for such an occasion and ensure you and your friends are ‘set and ready’ for your night at the Opera. The latest Wellaflex Silvikrin Hairspray range offers reliable, long-lasting hold, whilst keeping your style flexible. The Classic range includes five great variants, providing five levels of hold to suit every hair style including Firm, Flexible, Natural, Secure and Maximum Hold." [Source]

This isn't the first time hair products have crossed over into the opera world. Check out the commercial after the jump.

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