Monday, November 14, 2011

Renée Fleming Beats Kim Kardashian Marriage Record

Happy Handelian: Fleming returns to the MET production of Rodelinda (Photo: Ken Howard) 
"What is a big deal is the afterglow of Fleming’s Sept. 3 wedding to corporate lawyer Tim Jessell, whom she met on a blind date three years ago. It’s a second marriage for both; they have five kids, ages 16-26, between them. Asked about her recent nuptials, Fleming, 52, sits up on a couch she resting on in her dressing room. 'Yes. Yes,' she says, her green eyes sparkling. 'Married. Happily. Happily. It’s been two months. We’re working hard to beat Kim Kardashian. That’s our running joke.' After tomorrow, Fleming-Jessell not only keeps up with the Kardashian-Humphries but surpasses them." [Source]

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