Monday, November 21, 2011

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi: Sex, Drugs, and Opera (Mostly in Vienna)

Naughty boy Gaddafi after capture.
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Muammar, was arrested on November 19 in the town of Ubari, near Sabha in southern Libya, 640 kilometres (400 mi) from Tripoli. It is reported that he had been flown to Zintan by plane. His capture was confirmed by the International Criminal Court (ICC). In the wake of his capture, news starts to leak out about his private life: "A woman claiming to be the ex-wife of Colonel Gaddafi's captured son Saif al-Islam has emerged in Ukraine with extraordinary stories alleging domestic violence and womanising. Nadia, a blue-eyed brunette claims to have met him when she worked as a stripper in a top Moscow nightclub, and says she is currently in hiding, fearing for her life. She claimed that as she prepared for marriage to Saif, she had to fly to Paris to have an operation to 'restore' her virginity. 'The doctor proved my innocence in the presence of Saif's aunt. Then I embraced Islam,' she added. 'I tried to have a normal family, but Saif wanted to live as a single man with lovers and orgies,' she said in a Ukrainian newspaper interview. While there is no proof of her claim of have married and divorced Saif after two years, her claim appears to be taken seriously in Russia and Ukraine. If she is who she says, she could be a key witness at his trial whether it is in Libya or under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. One aspect of his trial is likely to be his alleged friendship with a number of prominent British figures, including Prince Andrew, Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson...'He had certain sexual perversions in sex, for example, he liked to do it in public. I understood that we couldn't live together.'...'When we separated I had only luxurious earrings which I managed to sell for $1 million. I lived in Moscow on this money. Now almost nothing is left.' Her most recent interview was with Ukrainian paper Respublika. It was made shortly before his capture. 'I thought Saif would turn my life into an Eastern fairytale,' she said. 'It didn't work.'" [Source]
The playboy in his former setting of luxury, the Vienna Opera Ball in 2006.

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