Thursday, September 29, 2011

Third Time May Be a Charm for Palais Garnier Restaurant

"After three attempts since 1875, a restaurant opened its doors on the eastern facade of the building in 2011. It was designed by French architect Odile Decq. The chef is Christophe Aribert." [Source]
"Recessed within the historical building, visitors pass the facade's original pillars to enter the undulating interior. The mezzanine space is carefully integrated to resist touching the existing structure's walls, columns and roof. The contemporary addition compliments the classical details of the vaulted stone ceiling without altering history. Accommodating and seating 90 guests at one time, the large floor plate is suspended with concealed steel plates. A glass wall encompasses the interior isolating the space from the existing shell. The billowing white structure touches down to the lower level producing integrated organic supports." Lots of really great photos here. One more image after the jump. [Source]