Monday, September 19, 2011

Russians Win Competizione dell'Opera at Bolshoi Theatre

Champion: Baritone Roman Burenko
"Up-and-coming Russian opera singers have scooped a roster of awards, including the coveted first prize of 10,000 euros, at one of the world's leading vocal contests - the Competizione dell’Opera. First prize went to baritone Roman Burdenko with fellow baritone Igor Golovatenko and bass Mikhail Korobeinikov picking up the other two top awards. They ousted finalists flying the flag for South Korea, Mongolia, South Africa and Lithuania. An international competition for singers specializing in Italian opera, the Competizione dell'Opera took place in the Russian capital for the first time in its history. Although traditionally based in the German city of Dresden, this time around the semi- finals and the last round of the competition were held at Moscow's landmark Bolshoi Theatre. Over the last 14 years, the Competizione dell´Opera has been recognized as one of the largest singing competitions worldwide. It is the only competition that uses the great repertoire of Italian opera, from the delicate tones of old music to such giants as Mozart, Verdi and Puccini, and even going further, reaching into the stylistic diversity of the 20th century. The competition originated in Hamburg as 'I Cestelli' Competizione dell´Opera.
Baritone Igor Golovatenko and bass Mikhail Korobeinikov.
However, since 2001, it has established itself in Dresden, though its cultural importance has spread far beyond the boundaries of the city on the River Elbe. With 2011 being widely celebrated as the Italian Year of Culture across Russia, it was suggested that the competition bring its semi-finals and finals to Russia, where operatic traditions have enjoyed a long history. Performing on one of the most beautiful stages of opera – the historic Bolshoi Theatre – the aspiring singers were judged by famous opera and festival directors and singers, as well as important representatives of media and agencies." [Source] Click here to find out more about the competition.