Sunday, December 8, 2013

Watch Diana Damrau As Violetta In "La Traviata" From La Scala

Soprano Diana Damrau (Violetta) with director Dmitri Tcherniakov discussing the opera


  1. I can't see why this is supposed to be shocking.

  2. The mediocre La Traviata I have ever seen. What common has Diana Damrau with Verdi's Violeta under the Tchernyakov direction? Nothing at all. She sooner remind me a russion nineteen century preconceived lady.

    1. Couldn´t agrre more. This well fed, yellow haired harridan and her frantic gestsiculations wasn´t at all convincing as a frail woman dying of consumtion. Vocally, she did nothing wrong but her interpretation was far from romantic or brilliant. Give me the 65 year old Mariella Devia any time over this !