Monday, June 20, 2011

Tom Cruise Discovers Opera Runs in His Genes

Belting it like a rock (opera) star.
"Tom Cruise may be 48-year-old, but judging from the recent photo he tweeted of himself, he does not look his age. In the film Rock of Ages, which was adapted from the Broadway play of the same name, Cruise will portray a hard rocker Stacee Jaxx from the 1980s era. In the photo tweeted to his followers directing them to his website, we see a far-away shot of Cruise with a clearly toned and fit body....Adam Shankman, the director of the film, recent told Entertainment Weekly that Cruise is fit for the role. 'Here’s the thing about Tom Cruise,' Shankman said. 'I knew in my heart he would never put himself in harm’s way about taking on a part if he didn’t think he could deliver.' He also talked about the celebration at Cruise’s first singing lesson when the star proved he had great voice. His grandfather or his great-grandfather was an opera singer,' Shankman said. 'So he’s genetically predisposed for this sort of thing.' The film is expected to be released in 2012." [Source]

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