Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dmitry Tcherniakov Will Open Renovated Bolshoi Theater

Director Dmitry at Bolshoi
"After six years of renovations that have been beset with allegations of corruption, infighting, delays and political point-scoring, the Bolshoi Theater’s main stage will open again to the public this autumn. Following a gala concert at the end of September that will likely be attended by both the cultural and political elite of the country, the more serious business of opera and ballet will begin on October 2, as one of the world’s most famous theaters finally gets its home back. The first performance on the newly renovated stage will be of Mikhail Glinka’s Ruslan and Lyudmila, regarded as the first major Russian opera—so far, so predictable. Somewhat more surprising, perhaps, is the choice of director for the opera. Dmitry Tcherniakov offended traditionalists with his Bolshoi production of Eugene Onegin in 2006 so much that legendary soprano Galina Vishnevskaya vowed never to set foot inside the theater again."

Galina: Disgruntled Diva
"Then came the fateful Onegin in 2006, which replaced Boris Pokrovsky’s legendary 1944 staging. Vishnevskaya said she had 'cried in humiliation' in a letter to the Bolshoi’s management, and vowed never to set foot in the theatre again, cancelling an 80th birthday party due to be held at the theatre, and railing at the 'completely deformed' main characters. The soprano, who was probably the theatre’s most famous Tatyana of all time, wrote of Tcherniakov’s 'public desecration of our national treasure.'" [Source]

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