Saturday, May 17, 2014

Yanni CD Features Fleming, Domingo, Villazón, Yende, And Grigólo

"Yanni's greatest music performed by the world's most extraordinary voices. 'This album is about all the loves in my life! Never losing faith in humanity & our incredible ability to overcome just about anything we are challenged with. Its also about imagination, creativity, love, kindness, compassion, integrity, parents, country, peace, unity & belief & faith in our future. It is all possible. With all my love, Yanni'" [Source] "The haunting instrumental melodies of internationally renowned composer Yanni have garnered him over 40 platinum and gold albums including the double-platinum Tribute album, which sold more than a million albums within six weeks of its release and Live At The Acropolis, which has sold over 5 million copies in North America alone. For his new album, Inspirato, Yanni, in partnership with the legendary Plácido Domingo, has enlisted the talents of some of Opera s biggest stars to give voice to his music. His timeless hits have been transformed by the addition of lyrics, most of them written by Plácido Domingo, Jr." [Source] Click here to purchase a copy of the CD. Listen to an excerpt of Renée Fleming singing "I Genitori" below and find the complete track listing, as well as another audio sample, after the jump:

1. I genitori (Renée Fleming) 2. Come un sospiro (Vittorio Grigòlo)
3. Ode alla Grecia (Vittorio Grigòlo)
4. L'ombra dell'angelo (Katherine Jenkins)
5. Amare di nuovo (Nathan Pacheco)
6. Hasta el ultimo momento (Plácido Domingo & Renée Fleming)
7. Riconoscimento (Plácido Domingo, Nathan Pacheco, Plácido Domingo Jr., Micaëla Oeste, Chloe Lowery)
8. Incanto (Russell Watson)
9. Il primo tocco (Plácido Domingo Jr.)
10. Usignolo (Lauren Jelencovich)
11. La prima luce (Rolando Villazón)
12. Ode à l'humanité (Pretty Yende)
13. Nello specchio (Katherine Jenkins & Nathan Pacheco)

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