Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gabby Young Cites Maria Callas As Vocal Idol To Inspire Emotion

Her band, Gabby Young and Other Animals,
are launching their third album, One Foot
In Front Of The Other, on Tuesday, June 3.
"The theatrical side of music has always appealed to Young since an early age. Five years ago, she moved to Kentish Town with her boyfriend, but as a child she grew up Wiltshire, where her operatic voice saw her become the youngest member of the National Youth Choir at the age of 12. Idolising soprano Maria Callas, she longed to become a performer capable of inspiring great emotion; one who could make people laugh, smile and cry. However, one day a friend handed her a tape of Jeff Buckley and she realised this could be done with her own songs. 'I was told to listen to it because my friend saw resemblances between the two of us, which I thought was strange seeing as he was a guy. It did completely change my life though because it showed you can be really operatic, emotional and theatrical but also write your own music.' Young’s latest album is undoubtedly her most personal yet – a self-described 'grower' that flits between moments of jazz, opera, folk and cabaret with natural ease. It marks a mature step for the musician, and it is one that she owes to her fans, who impressively funded the entire project through a Kickstarter funding campaign." [Source] An acoustic video of Gabby Young is after the jump.

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