Friday, October 2, 2015

Baritone Jarrett Ott Profiled For Opera Philadelphia "La Traviata"

Baritone Jarrett Ott (bottom) in Philadelphia, with current boyfriend Adam Franklin (top) who is the Artistic Administrator at The Santa Fe Opera, for performances of Verdi's La Traviata. (Photo: Facebook)
"No sooner than Opera Philadelphia scored a huge success last month with its queer-centric Andy: A Popera, in collaboration with FringeArts and the Bearded Ladies, comes the beginning of its season, its sparkling annual gala and the Oct. 2 start of La Traviata, the Verdi opera in three acts about fallen women and the men who love them. The antiquated notion of salvaging reputations (remember when celebrities, politicians and royalty could be shamed — ah, the past) is where we find the heart of La Traviata. Set at the mouth of 18th-century Paris and based on La Dame aux Camélias (1852), a play adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas, grand opera doesn’t come any grander or more traditional than this. 'The opera world is a gay man’s world,' Ott said, talking about the welcoming environment of the classical vocal stage. 'It’s never been frustrating, but rather comforting, to meet some of the warmest people.'.....'Getting to share the stage with this cast is pretty incredible,' Ott said. 'During this rehearsal process, I have had the wind knocked out of me several times listening to my colleagues. Philadelphia is in for an operatic treat with this gorgeous production all around.' When asked what is most testing about his role of Marchese, Ott was quick to joke, 'Going to the gym every day in order to be stripped down to shirtless in act two.'" [Source] Watch a video of rehearsal footage for La Traviata at Opera Philadelphia featuring Jarrett Ott, and a teaser clip for the production, after the jump.