Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ronald Genato Presents Short Film "Nessun Dorma" For Contest

"Tired of chasing Ken, Paul meets him one last time before leaving on a journey to Europe in search for a better place to dream and love. The film explores the love and relationship struggles of Asian gay men caused by social constraints. It describes their aspirations for Europe, where there is a culture of acceptance and open-mindedness, as well as support from governments in the form of legal same-sex partnerships. Nessun Dorma is a famous aria from Puccini's opera Turandot that depicts an unknown prince's unrequited love to a beautiful but cold princess. In the film, the aria is used to mirror Paul's wailing for a love that cannot be fulfilled. This short film is submitted by Ronald Genato." Learn more about the Asia-Europe Foundation contest by clicking here. Watch the video after the jump. [Source]