Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is Patricia Racette Singing Music Of Linda Ronstadt A Possibility?

Prior to the announcement of Great Voices Sings John Denver, web viewers were treated to a glimpse into the recording studio for this project via YouTube. As you watch one opera star after another "crossing over" to the pop art form, one stands strongly out from the rest: Patricia Racette. There is something about the placement of her voice and the inflection she projects that is reminiscent of a young Linda Ronstadt. So why not forget John Denver and delve deeper into a female artist's song catalog that is ripe for a rich-voiced diva? Recently, Ms. Racette released a CD of a live cabaret concert titled Diva on Detour that showcased her non-operatic abilities. Would it be too much of a stretch to hear her apply that smoky chest voice to covers of such
Opera glove ready: Linda Ronstadt
ballads as "Blue Bayou," "You're No Good," "That'll Be The Day," "When Will I Be Loved," or "Faithless Love?" As for Linda Ronstadt, it wouldn't be hard to imagine having an opera singer cover her greatest hits, after all she's a fan of great divas: "Of Maria Callas, Ronstadt says, 'There's no one in her league. That's it. Period. I learn more....about singing rock n roll from listening to Maria Callas records than I ever would from listening to pop music for a month of Sundays....She's the greatest chick singer ever.' She admires Callas for her musicianship and her attempts to push 20th-century singing, particularly opera, back into the Bel canto 'natural style of singing'." Plus Ms. Racette and Ms. Ronstadt have both sung the role of Mimi in La Bohème, so maybe it is fate. Only time will tell. [Source

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