Sunday, February 26, 2012

From One Hamburger to Another: Lagerfeld Advises Merkel

The potential fashion offense in Oslo.
"Top designer Karl Lagerfeld has offered German Chancellor Angela Merkel fashion advice, recommending she wear better-designed legwear -- and unbutton her jacket. Merkel, whose typical outfit can be a single-coloured trousers and jackets got the benefit of the German-born designer's knowledge in the pages of Saturday's Focus news magazine. The 57-year-old German leader has been mocked by some critics as a mousy bumpkin from the former East Germany, but she made headlines when she revealed a plunging neckline during an opera performance in Oslo in 2008. 'Overall her dress code is okay but the cut should be more precise,' Paris-based Lagerfeld told Focus. 'And she should wear her jackets open over a blouse with better cut trousers.' Lagerfeld, who like Merkel was born in the northern port city of Hamburg, argued that this would allow her to 'move with more ease.'" [Source]

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