Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Donna Friedman Learns Financial Lessons From Opera

"I spent six butt-numbing hours at the movies on Saturday, watching the Metropolitan Opera’s live broadcast of Gotterdammerung – the last of four operas based on the same Norse mythology that informed Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. It had spectacle, pageantry, and a buff-and-bitchin’ Siegfried who turned out to have a down-home Texas accent – it was a very successful day. The only thing better than opera is frugal opera....People don’t usually attend the opera to learn smart money practices. But composer Richard Wagner passed along some decent personal finance lessons in this soaring (and loud!) tale of greed, betrayal, mortal passion, and godly demise. I say you should take personal finance tips wherever you find them, whether they’re from the mouth of a once-was-Valkyrie or a malevolent dwarf played by a regular-sized human. (When it comes to opera, the willing suspension of disbelief is a useful life skill.) [Source] Check out the financial lessons learned at the opera by clicking here.

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