Thursday, December 22, 2011

Russian Opera Singer Maria Maksakova About to Get Political

"While lacking any representatives of the liberal opposition, Russia's new parliament which met for the first time on Wednesday is packed with celebrities ranging from a Playboy cover girl to a tennis legend. The four factions with seats in the State Duma, especially the United Russia part of Vladimir Putin, have stepped up a tradition of encouraging household names to take seats in an apparent bid to give the chamber more appeal. How much impact they will have on political life remains to be seen, given celebrity MPs in the previous State Duma were criticised for showing little interest in policy and rarely showing up for debates....Opera singer Maria Maksakova is also taking a seat but there is no longer a place for Svetlana Zakharova, one of the world's most sought after ballerinas who in the last years juggled her political engagement with dancing commitments and giving birth." [Source] To learn more about Maria Maksakova, click here.

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