Thursday, December 8, 2011

New "Mission Impossible" Villian Léa Seydoux Wanted to Sing

The actress tickles the ivories in a commercial for a Prada perfume named "Candy"
"As the granddaughter of Jerome Seydoux, Chairman of Pathe, and grandniece of Nicolas Seydoux, chairman and CEO of Gaumont, Seydoux comes from a privileged film background. She is quick to point out, though, that her father is a geek, who is not involved with cinema at all. 'My father is a nerd with glasses. He is like a genius and really loves computers and maths. He invents electronic gadgets
and he invented the A.R.Drone, a remote-control toy helicopter that you drive with your iPhone, which is pretty cool.' At the age of 10 Seydoux wanted to be an opera singer. 'I really love to sing and to dance. I wanted to be Carmen and then I wanted to be Michael Jackson.' She started out as a model and says she only became an actress to impress a famous actor whose name she will not disclose. 'I wanted him to see me. Maybe I also wanted to do it because my mother was a movie producer. Now acting is my life. I discovered it by doing it, and in the beginning I had the strength to do it because I was in love with this guy.'" [Source]

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