Friday, May 27, 2011

Opera Memphis Makes a Public Plea to Get Justin Timberlake

"'In a brain storming situation with the staff, we just started listing folks and Justin's name came up. He's been doing so much in the comic realm, Saturday Night Live especially, which really shows he has great comic chops,' says [Ned] Canty. Timberlake would play Frosch, the jailer, a speaking role in this opera about revenge and practical jokes. 'What's great about the role is it can be tailored to suit the abilities of whoever plays it. All you need is someone who knows how to stand in front of an audience and entertain. My God who does it better,' says Canty. The campaign to get Justin started on a Facebook page." [Source]

Check out the opera company's official plea to Mr. Timberlake: No word on whether he will wear his SNL costume for the J. Strauss gig.

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