Tuesday, September 29, 2015

OUT Magazine Features New 2016 Calendar Filled With Baritones

Vittorio Prato is one of the featured opera hunks in the 2016 calendar to raise money for fellow baritones.
"Each year, the Barihunks site surprises us with its dedication to opera singers with lower voices — as well as some musical theater notables (and a few non baritones for good measure). Their annual calendar features a selection of those same studs, and for its fifth edition, is no exception. All the singers included in the calendar are baritones or have lower voices — except for Eric Stoklossa, who is the first tenor featured in the calendar. Plus, four singers were photographed this past summer in the Loire Valley for an exclusive shoot, including Marco Vassalli and Malte Roesner (Pictured above). Proceeds from the charity calendar will be used to fund the creation of the Foundation for the Advancement of Baritones (F.A.B.), which will 'fund baritone and bass cash prizes at song competitions, commission music for baritones and basses, and be used to fund other projects featuring low male voices.'" [Source] You can buy the calendar here. See photos of featured baritones Marco Vassalli and Malte Roesner with (and without) shirts after the jump.