Friday, September 19, 2014

Angela Gheorghiu Will Travel To China For Arts Festival In October

Cover Girl Gheorghiu: China & Romania have a history
 of several decades of economic and cultural exchanges.
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"Organizers of the 16th China Shanghai International Arts Festival say there will be more original performances at this year's event. Scheduled to run from October 17th to November 16th, the festival will have 45 musical, dance and theatrical works, including 25 from abroad. Here's more about it. The opening show will be a four-act Chinese opera called The River Flows to the East, which looks at the history of Shanghai. It will star Chinese opera tenor Liao Changyong and soprano Huang Ying. Organizers say one-third of the performances this year will be originals and Shanghai premiers. During the art festival, world-famous art troupes such as the St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonic, the Orchestra de Paris and the National Ballet of the Netherlands will give performances. Meanwhile, original Chinese productions including Shaoxing Opera will also be staged. 'We want to use this opportunity to introduce the world of Chinese original operas and art performances, to expand the influence of Chinese culture around the globe,' said Liu Wenguo, deputy secretary-general of Shanghai International Arts Festival. The closing performance will be a co-production of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, by over 300 artists from the Bejart Ballet Lausanne, the Tokyo Ballet, the Shanghai Ballet and the Shanghai Opera House." [Source] The festival will also includes performers Kyung Wha Chung, Mischa Maisky, Paavo Jarvi, and Kent Nagano. October 30, 2014, will feature soprano Angela Gheorghiu in recital with accompanist Alexandru Petrovici. Details of the recital are after the jump.

Angela Gheorghiu has won the attention ofthe world with her own wonderful talent in singing. Then Maestro Georg Solti shed tears of excitement after hearing her singing as Mimi, a role in the opera La Bohème. Although billed as an illustrious dramatic soprano, Gheorghiu is both an excellent lyric soprano and a skillful coloratura., Her phonation is relaxed soft and smooth while her voice quality is mellow and clean. Alexandru Petrovici, the piano accompanist of this concert, is a pianist, maestro and baritone. Repertoire for this concert includes classic tracks of Chopin, Debussy, and Rachmaninoff, etc. [Source]

Date: October 30,2014

Venue: OAC Concert Hall