Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Brecht-Weill "Threepenny Opera" Plays At San Jose Stage Co.

"Und der Haifisch, der hat Zähne, Und die trägt er im Gesicht": Moreno as Macheath
"At the center of this decadent universe is Macheath (the agile Johnny Moreno), a cheating,
Jenny Diver & Mack the Knife
whoring hustler (in case you're not sure, he has the word 'hustler' tattooed across his chest.) Armed with a silver tongue, an outsized libido and the gift of swagger, Macheath threatens to upset the underground economy run by Mr. and Mrs. Peachum (Paul Myrvold and Susan Gundunas) when he announces that he intends to marry their virginal daughter, Polly (Monique Hafen.)....The cast, costumed in eye-candy grunge by Jean Cardinale and looking sharp in MaryBeth Cavanaugh's choreography, is strongest on the female side; Hafen's Polly is the standout, creating the character with a fine mix of innocence and bruised toughness, and singing with a focused, sweet-toned soprano that made songs like 'Pirate Jenny' and 'Barbara Song' into showstoppers. As Jenny, Halsey Varady is also splendid, belting 'The Flick Knife Song' (also known as 'Mack the Knife') at the top of the first act. Her performance of 'Socrates Song,' sung with balletic grace while suspended over a piano, is one of the evening's mesmerizing highlights." [
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(Photos: Dave Lepori)
Halevy Varady and Johnny Moreno

Monique Hafen and Johnny Moreno