Monday, August 22, 2011

Busan Opera House Architecture Directly Inspired by Music

"We've seen plenty of music houses sculpted around the concept of music--warm wood-paneled theaters that evoke the insides of instruments; symphony halls where a massive pipe organ becomes part of the architecture. But it's not often that the form of the building itself is driven by music. Anisotropia is a concept by Orproject for an opera house in South Korea where the music -- a composition for piano, to be exact -- shapes the building's form. The competition sponsored by the Busan Opera House hoped to bring ideas to light that could add another cultural destination to the port city. The basis for the opera house's design is a piece called Klavierstück I or Piano Piece No.1. Orproject's Christoph Klemmt composed the piece (he writes music on the side, but was trained as an architect). Like a piece of sheet music with its notes connected, a swooping web of lines dance up and down to make the "strips" in the building's facade and interior. 'In the composition we have the simple twelve tone row, and in the building the simple strips,' Klemmt tells Co.Design. 'Both of them are getting deformed and modulated to form the composition and the building.'" [Source]