Monday, June 1, 2015

Elizabeth Novella Opens Mmuseumm 2 In New York City On High Note

Trilling Moment: Elizabeth Novella leads guests to Mmuseumm 2 with her voice.
If you saw the previous blog entry featuring filmmaker Casey Neistat and still couldn't figure out the owner of the soprano voice that opened his vlog sequence, the answer can now be revealed. The singer that helped launch the May 28th grand opening of New York City's Mmuseumm 2 is none other than Elizabeth Novella. The experience was captured by Casey Neistat in a new vlog (065) post as he met up with friends for the event. "Mmuseumm is a modern natural history museum devoted to the curation and exhibition of contemporary artifacts that illustrate the complexities of the modern world. Mmuseumm 1 presents 15 world-wandering exhibitions and next door, Mmuseumm 2 presents in collaboration with artist Maira Kalman, Sara Berman's Closet." [Source] Read a wonderful New York Times article about Mmuseumm 2 by clicking here. Mmuseumm 1 and 2 are open Saturdays and Sundays noon-6pm. More information can be found on their website. See the Casey Neistat video of the event (beginning at the 3:53 mark), and a few more photos, after the jump.


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