Saturday, February 28, 2015

Forte Tenors Invigorate "Game Of Thrones" With Opera High Notes

"Forte Tenors' operatic twist on the Game of Thrones theme song...will give you the right amount of goosebumps before HBO debuts Season 5 on April 12. And, yup, that's High Valyrian you're hearing as Forte Tenors, a group made famous as finalists on America's Got Talent Season 8, are taking a brave stab at the fictional language on top of the composer Ramin Djawadi's music. Members Josh Page, Sean Panikkar and Hana Ryu are including the song on their album, The Future Classics, ​which PledgeMusic will sell online later this year​. For now, you can add this to your workout playlist by purchasing it on Loudr, iTunes or Amazon." [Source] Enjoy the full video after the jump.

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