Thursday, July 3, 2014

Leandra Ramm Reveals Dangerous Obsessive Stalker On TV

The real Leandra Ramm (pictured above)
suffered intense mental anguish.
"A man masquerading as a musical sponsor turns opera singer Leandra Ramm's life into a nightmare." [Source] Originally airing in October 2013, the Investigation Discovery channel featured the intense stalking situation of up-and-coming soprano Leandra Ramm (played by Alison Arnopp in the re-enactment). After a promotional stint on Anderson Cooper, Ms. Ramm started receiving telephone calls from an Asian man named "Carl" who promised a contract for performing at the Singapore Opera Festival. It didn't take long for the 20-year old starlet to realize that he was a fraud and was not going to help her at all. That is where her personal nightmare began. Soon thereafter he started stalking her by phone and email, to the point of destroying her personal and professional relationships. After approaching the police and the FBI, she was left on her own to watch the destruction of her career.  See more about her imprisoned stalker here. Music featured in the episode and a video of the real-life Leandra Ramm performing, after the jump.

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  1. I'm proud to say the stalking episode is behind me, and I have a wonderful career as a professional singer. Thank you for sharing my story; I'm so glad I was able to help other cyber stalking victims with my non-profit organization, The Alliance Against Cybercrime. I was also able to contribute ideas to the Protection from Harassment Act, a new piece of legislation that was passed in Singapore. I have a wonderful life now filled with opera and music.
    -Leandra Ramm, 2017