Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New York Times Clips Wings Off Metropolitan Opera's "Bat"

Susanna Phillips (Rosalinde) and Christopher
Maltman (Eisenstein) in Johann Strauss, Jr.'s
Die Fledermaus at the Metropolitan Opera
(Photo: Nick Heavican)
"Real Champagne tends to provoke sticker shock in cash-strapped young people hoping to drink their way through New Year’s Eve. A popular solution is André, the saccharine, mass-produced sparkling wine that sells for about $4 or $5 a bottle. The Metropolitan Opera’s new production of Johann Strauss Jr.’s tuneful farce Die Fledermaus, which rang in the new year on Tuesday evening, is operatic André: bubbly, sweet and syrupy. It’s not subtle or deep, but if you’re determined to have a party, it’ll get the job done. And the Met’s youthful cast is nothing if not determined to celebrate. The performers sing, dance and mug their way through Strauss’s classic waltzes with big smiles and lots of hearty laughter, intent on showing the audience a good time. But their lines are often worthy of groans more than giggles." [Source]


  1. I love Fledermaus but cannot help thinking I would not like this one. I refuse to go when the Orlovsky is not a mezzo. My favorite commercial video is Kiri and Hermann Prey.

    1. Having a countertenor sing Orlofsky is too conspicuous for me. I guess I'm just not used to countertenors. A mezzo could have sung Orlofsky with much less effort for both the interpreter and the audience.

  2. I was there for the premiere. The singing was good, staging was fine though it could be a little less childish some times and the sceneries were quite beautiful. Well, it was fine overall but one would wish there was more opera and less vaudeville. (Yes, I had seen Fledermaus before, both live and in DVD from the Met, ROH, Bayerische Staatsoper).