Saturday, May 25, 2013

Edda Moser Recorded Legacy Unearthed By EMI Classics

EMI Classics recently released a 9-CD compilation of many previously unavailable recordings of the German soprano Edda Moser. Following suit of other classical labels, the box-set (Edda Moser - Electrola-Recitals: Oper & Lied) will feature original LP artwork for each disc. A sampling of photos, as well as a review of the deluxe package contents, is after the jump. The item can be found on for an outrageously affordable price of $35.55. Order your copy by clicking here.

Thanks to the helpful review of Malverns on Amazon, a buyer can decipher what they may or may not currently own of the soprano's discography:
"This pack seems to be a real bargain - 9 cds with original LP sleeves. Pictures are stunning. Leaflet does not contain tracks - they are on cd backs, nor are lyrics included. However, a brand new Frau Moser interview is included, with interesting comments on recording of Zauberflöte, comment on Fischer-Dieskau (positive), art of Lieder etc. The packet indicates that 1-7 cds are first time in cd. That is not completely true, because some of these are contained in Great moments of ... Edda Moser 3CD pack on its CD 1 and CD 3. Because CD 2 of Great moments cd is missing from this Electrola packet, any completist needs also Great moments pack! I have listed below contents of 9 cd and stated where first time cd releases are- sorry quite complex layout! Total it is 6 cds of Lieder, 2 cds of arias and the last CD contains interview. Playing times are that of original LPs, ranging from 45 mins to 55, reprinted Mozart arias Cd is 78 mins. Anyway this is a must packet to all fans of Frau Moser.
Strauss: 6 Brentano-Lieder op. 68 (CD 1) ;Lieder op. 10 Nr. 3;op. 27 Nr. 1-4;op. 29 Nr. 2;op. 37 Nr. 4;op. 56 Nr. 5 (ALL CD 3: FIRST CD RELEASE) +Pfitzner: Lieder op. 2 Nr. 7;op. 11 Nr. 4;op. 15 Nr. 3 & 4;op. 24 Nr. 1 (CD 1) +Schumann: Frauenliebe & -leben op. 42 (CD 2: FIRST CD RELEASE) ;Spanisches Liederspiel op. 74;Spanische Liebeslieder op. 138;Tragödie op. 64 Nr. 3;Liebesfrühling op. 37;Minnespiel op. 101 (ALL CD 5 & 6: FIRST CD RELEASE) +Wolf: Lieder der Mignon I-III+Kennst du das Land (CD 2: FIRST CD RELEASE) +Brahms: Lieder op. 3 Nr. 1 (Liebestreu**) ;op. 19 Nr. 4 (Der Schmied**) & 5 (An eine Äolsharfe**);op. 32 Nr. 2 (Nicht mehr zu dir**);op. 43 Nr. 1 (Ewiger Liebe*) & 2 (Mainacht*) ;op. 49 Nr. 1 (An Sonntag Morgen**);op. 57 Nr. 2 (Wenn du nur zuweilen**) % 3 (Es träumte mir*);op. 71 Nr. 3 (Geheimnis**);op. 84 Nr. 4 (Vergebliches Ständchen**);op. 106 Nr. 1 (Ständchen*), Wie kommích den zur Tür herein(Kölnisches Volkslied**) *CD 2, formerly released, **CD 3, FIRST CD RELEASE +Schubert: Lieder D. 191b, 323, 352, 651, 653, 677, 799, 827, 828, 857 (CD 4, FIRST CD RELEASE) +Clara Schumann: Er ist gekommen in Sturm und Regen;Warum willst du andre fragen;Liebst du um Schönheit (CD 6) +Arien aus Opern von Wagner, Weber, Strauss, Beethoven, Gluck, Händel, Mozart (CD 7) +Edda Moser singt Mozart - Arien aus Zauberflöte, Entführung, Don Giovanni, La Clemenza di Tito;Konzertarien KV 316 & 368;Agnus Dei aus KV 427;Laudate Dominum aus KV 339 (CD 8) +Edda Moser im Gespräch mit Holger Wemhoff (CD 9)
-Schubert CD is very beautiful. The starting track Des Mädchens Klage is wonderful, I find myself holding breath, listening. Almost 16 mins long Klage der Ceres D323 is a rarity, but there are some familiar Lieds as well: Die junge Nonne, Nacht und Träume. All very good. Peter Schreier is popping up in D352 as a positive surprise.
-Schumann 1 CD: Werba at piano, Moser as soprano, Hanna Schwarz as alto, Gedda as tenor and Berry as bass soloist. Spanisches Liederspiel op 74 is a real rarity and worth listening. However, I felt all was not spot on, specially piano tone could be richer. Spanische Liebeslieder op 138 is wonderful work, but again this is not exactly the ideal interpretation - later von Otter-Bonney version is better. Try piano Vorspiel and decide which one is better for you. But anyway, these compositions are really worth listening, as well as Tragödie op 64 Nr 3 ending this cd (Please note there is no soprano part for this piece - it is shared with Gedda and Schwarz). Schumann 2 CD with Liebesfrühling op 37 and Minnespiel op. 101 is not so interesting IMHO.
-Strauss and Brahms Lieder with Christopher Eschenbach is very good. He is really excellent pianist, rich in tone and dynamic scale is wide. I also liked CD 2 with Schumann, Wolf, Brahms program very much - good old fashinoned Lied evening it is, and enening is also happy for Werba as well. Ending piece is my favorite: Von ewige Liebe - a memorable, strong interpretation from soprano and pianist alike (albeit von Otter/Forsberg remains unsurpassed to me in this piece, thanks to Forsberg powerful contribution at the piano)."

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