Monday, July 23, 2012

Russian-American Artist, Elizaveta, Defines Electro-Pop-Opera Sound

Glamour: You combine classical, electronic, and opera so beautifully. What inspired you to mix all the styles of music?
Elizaveta: First of all thank you! Secondly, I think I have a gift for mixing and matching things that would not at first glance--or listen--go together. It applies to my fashion choices, as well. I have a classical background, but I was always in love with good pop. Along came rock, jazz, soul, electronica, and I absorbed all those and I guess my creative output these days mirrors that. As long as the emotion is there and the song is good, I use all the colors in my palette to make the magic happen.
Glamour: What's on your playlist right now?
Jamie Lidell, Selah Sue, Groove Armada, Peter Gabriel, New Order, Frank Ocean, Verdi, Mumiy Troll, Cinematic Orchestra, and Nina Hagen. [Source]

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