Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Design Firm aka Hopes to Attract Young Audience with Campaign

"Marketing agency aka has designed a campaign for the Royal Opera House’s 2012 Autumn programme, One Extraordinary World. The designs used on the season brochures will also be seen across all other printed collateral, advertising, hoardings and online platforms, which also use video content to further develop the concept. aka was appointed to the project following a creative pitch last October. The consultancy worked with photographer Kevin Macintosh and production designer Daryl McGregor on the project. aka also created the One Extraordinary World strapline.Matt Dixon, creative director of aka, says, ‘We wanted to bring a new audience to opera, drive ticket sales and open it up to people who wouldn’t normally consider opera and ballet, who perhaps see it as prohibitive or they can’t identify with those artforms. We wanted to open it up through storytelling.’ The imagery is influenced by ‘contemporary fashion and production values’, according to aka; and the visual concept aims to represent ‘the moment between heaven and hell, love and loss, and darkness and light." See more images and read more here.

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