Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Opera Star 2011" Winner Announced in Seoul

"Following the win of Lim Jung Hee last week, singer Tei won #1 on the April 9th episode of tvN’s 'Opera Star 2011!' For two hours, the contestants performed live at the Sangmyung Art Center in Seoul for the show’s second episode. Jewelry’s Kim Eun Jung had been eliminated in the pilot episode, leaving seven contestants - JK Kim Dong Wook, DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryeol, Moon Hee Ok, Shin Hae Chul, CSJH’s Sunday, Lim Jung Hee, and Tei. Tei performed a rendition of E. De Curtis’s 'Non ti Scordar di Me,' which not only earned him a standing ovation from the audience, but praise from the judges as well. They said, 'Tei is born with a tenor’s voice' and 'I can feel an Italian’s blood running through you. You were full of expressive emotions.'" [Source] Video performances after the jump.

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